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A fact many people are unaware of is that it’s the plumbers who install gas lines. 

When most people hear the word “plumber”, they think of the guy that fixes the sink or any water and sewage-related issue. Well, we do more than just that.

Not only are we qualified to fix any waterworks related issue, but plumbers are also the most qualified professionals when it comes to gas lines.

And you may be wondering “why so”, here’s a list of the top reasons you need a professional plumber to be there when the gas lines are getting installed:

  • It’s safe:

Natural gas can be dangerous, and when dealing with it, we need to be careful of our safety.

A trained and licenced plumber will know how to install the gas line pipes safely and efficiently. They will understand how to go about the process to ensure ultimate safety for the homeowners.

It is especially crucial to be vigilant of mistakes during installation because living with natural gas nearby can be a considerable safety risk. Even a small leak could lead to a humongous amount of damage. Hiring a plumber will be an extra precaution against such an incident.


  • It may be required by law:

In some areas globally, the jurisdiction has laws or codes that require people to get a licenced plumber to install the gas pipeline – and we can’t help but agree to this. You may want to check your local regulations if such a law has been implemented in the areas. Even if there isn’t any such law, it is still wise to consider hiring a professional plumber for the job. They have the knowledge and the experience to lay the natural gas pipelines down safely and accurately.


  • Plumbers know all about pipes:

Gas line pipes or water and sewage ducts, pipes are pipes, and who has better experience and knowledge on them than a plumber? I mean, they work with the stuff for a living!

Furthermore, did you know that many of the pipes used for gas lines are the same as those used for water and sewage?

A plumber can advise you expertly on what pipe you should be using. They can help you with questions like which sort of piping you need, what materials are the safest, which ones are the most effective for the job, and how to install them.

If you happen to be retrofitting or repairing pipes, having a plumber around will benefit you. They can recognise corroded or severely damaged pipes that may be due for replacements.

Moreover, they will know where the water pipes are. This information is what will make them the best advisors on where you should be installing the gas lines. They will also know how to go about the installation process without damaging the water lines.


  • Plumbers are appliance experts:

When installing a gas line for your home, you will probably include a few gas-powered appliances as well. Those appliances should also be left to the plumber to install during the pipe installation.It would be best if you conferred with your plumber about the appliances you plan to add beforehand, describing and explaining how you want them. Some of those appliances might have specific requirements, and it will be beneficial to tell them what you expect from your natural gas system upfront.


Call in the Ace Plumbers: 

The Ace Plumbers are a customer-based plumbing service that caters to any problem in the Gold Coast Area with anything to do with pipes.

As a company bent on making our customers satisfied and providing top-tier services that will fix their issues, we value our clients dearly. We do our most and level best to make sure to make them happy and worry-free.

At reasonable prices, our services are high-quality. The staff consists of highly knowledgeable and hard-working technicians.With years of experience holding us up, our company is the best for the job, and you can take our word for that. If you’ve been experiencing any plumbing problem, from a clogged drain to a flooded house, remember to call us at 07 5725 5138; we are only one call away.

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