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a blocked pipe in ashmoreBlocked drains can be messy, so it’s important to get them repaired by professionals FAST. With many years of experience in clearing and cleaning blocked drains, Ace Plumbers Gold Coast is second to none. We have a specialist blocked drains service division, with each plumber highly proficient in pipes and drainage problems.

Our aim is simple; to help both domestic and commercial customers on the Gold Coast with their drainage problems. We have built our reputation up over many years by providing excellent support, high-quality, reliable service and affordable pricing. You can be happy knowing that we can deal with your blocked pipes or drains.

Your drains can get blocked for various reasons, from the fats and oils you pour into sinks to the leaves that are washed down gullies. Structural severe blockage issues can be as a result of corrosion or root intrusion and can have a long-term impact on the safety of your residential or commercial property. We have significant experience dealing with all manner of drainage issues and can give the most effective solution. Our business provides quality old fashioned customer service. All customers are treated with respect and dignity, and all queries are answered within a single day. Our plumbing technicians don’t charge a large call-out fee. Plus, they will give you a set price before they start work. All work is guaranteed, and they will even do a plumbing inspection to provide you with full peace of mind.

There Is No Job Too Small For Us. From toilets, sinks and baths to any size of drain or sewer, we can take on any drain clearance challenge, and do so for large commercial clients as well as domestic customers just like you. Nothing phases us, so give us a call today to book our services. We have experienced, trained and qualified plumbers on the Gold Coast with considerable expertise in dealing professionally with different types of drainage blockage. The technicians work efficiently and cleanly, and always make sure that your property is tidy after the work.

Our Range of Blocked Drains Services:

Electric Eel Drain Cleaning. The Electric Eel is known by many names; The Plumbers Snake, Drain Snake, or initially as the Roto-Rooter. This tool is often our first port of call in cleaning drains. It burrows into obstructions retrieving them while simultaneously scraping the interior sides of pipes to adequately clean and force out any built-up accumulated matter.

High Pressure Jetting. Our vehicles carry the latest high pressure jetting equipment for drain cleaning. The Jetter works by sending water at high pressure down through the sewer and stormwater lines. It cuts through everything in its way, including rubble, silt, tree roots as well as solid matter like concrete and timber posts.

pressure jetDrain Camera Inspections. We have some CCTV cameras that can be placed down your drain pipe to see what is causing your blocked drains. The drain camera will determine why the drain has blocked up and enable the attending plumber to find the exact location of the blockage to decide on the most effective clearing method.

Sonar Detection. We can locate blockages under concrete and turf using our detection sonar technology. Using electrical pulses sent out we can detect problems up to 15 foot underground without traditional digging. This enables us to fix the leak/blockage causing minimal damage to surrounding areas.

Broken Drains. Our licensed Gold Coast plumbers while using our mini excavator can negotiate narrow entrances around properties, to excavate and replace all damaged and faulty pipes.

Drain Emergencies. We can respond to your drain emergencies quickly and repair your drain problem efficiently. Whether it’s a clogged or blocked drain, blocked toilet, blocked shower, blocked sink or any other plumbing drain – we can help. We offer 24 hours, seven days a week, 365 days a year service for all your drainage emergencies.

Commercial/Residential Services. We know how important it is to get your business or home up and running as soon as possible. That’s why we respond very fast to your call and undertake our services with minimal disturbance to your business or home.

Next time you need blocked drains service, you know who to call. Ace Plumbers Gold Coast is your source for expert plumbing care when you need it most. We’ll dispatch our experienced technicians to your location as quickly as possible so that you can get back to your daily life.

Call us today. Your drains will be glad you did!

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