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Answer: why yes. Yes, plumbers can.

Washing machines are one of the most convenient inventions of the past centuries, which has undoubtedly made life significantly easier for millions. Gone are those old days when we needed to hand-wash our apparel, and good riddance!

I mean, who has the time for that these days?

Do you know Fixing a broken washing machine takes a lot of time? A good machine will last you two or three decades – that is a long time. The only catch is that it needs proper care. You may have even witnessed people with machines on their last leg, but that function excellently.

The first question is: who do you call if your machine breaks down?

Well, you either call a repairer or a plumber. Between these two, who you request depends on the problem at hand. If the problem is electrical, you’ll need a white-goods maintenance specialist. If it’s a water-related issue, you call a plumber.

You might be thinking: oh, but why a plumber? Here are five reasons why you need to call a plumber anytime your washing machine breaks down:


1- They deal with the plumbing system:

The thing is, you connect your washing machine to the plumbing system. Lines are installed into the said system, and there is a possibility that those lines can get damage.

Most problems with washing machines are usually a result of general wear and tear. Still, water pressure can also play a part. Fluctuation in water pressure can often cause pipes to lose durability and become prone to cracking or bubbling.

Additionally, washing machines possess an auto-off function. It means that water pressure is cut off altogether in the pipes and results in shock waves.

Hiring plumbers will ensure that the washing machine pipes are in shape, and they can also recognise if the water pressure is too much for the machine.


2- The problem could be a leak:

Getting those water lines replaced is vital since what starts as a crack or two may quickly escalate to a full-blown leak.

With water pressure and all, lines connecting the machine to the plumbing system can grow old with time. It’s pretty common for pipes to begin cracking or bubbling in places. It is a sign that a replacement is due. Otherwise, the line may burst all together.

The result could be a puddle of water around the washing machine that should not be there or even a flooded laundry space. Imagine the damage that could cause.

So, yeah, it’s a good idea to call in a plumber regularly for washing machine line repairs. They know to handle the pipes adequately, and they will also be able to make repairs to other lines that need freshening up.


3- Piping can be intricate:

If you’re a bit of handyman and fancy you can do it yourself, we’re warning you.

Pipelines in washing machines can be very complicated. They are different from your regular pipes, and they aren’t clear or straightforward to fix either. They’re pretty tricky. One wrong move, and the next time you put your clothes in, you might find a flooding room because of a burst water line. It’s better to leave the work up to the professionals.

They know their way about such complex terrains and what goes where for things to go smoothly. Besides that, you can’t just open up your washing machine on a random Sunday. You have to be careful to turn off the water main and other preliminaries like that. Additionally, you may accidentally mess up pre-existing plumbing.


4- Proper positioning of the pipes is a must:

As we said before, the internal workings of washing machines are confusing and intricate. There’s more to fixing those pipes than just fixing the problem at hand: you need to position the brand-new lines properly. Otherwise, you’re going the damage the new ones too.

It may not seem like it, but there’s a method to proper pipe placement, and it’s crucial to avoid problems such as crimping, bending, or squeezing. All of those are very harmful, even for rubber pipes. Additionally, there also needs to be at least 4 inches of space between the lines and the machine itself.


5- They can aid in replacement:

When installing a washing machine, always call in a plumber.

Whether you’re moving into a new place or replacing an old washing machine, always hire a professional for the work. Even when uninstalling a washing machine, call in an expert to ensure that the house’s plumbing system doesn’t get damaged.

A lot can go wrong when installing a machine, which may accidentally damage the plumbing system.

If you need help with a washing machine in the Gold Coast area, call Ace plumbers at 07 5725 5138.

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