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There’s no doubt that plumbing is a nightmarish business here on the Gold Coast. Most people cringe at what tradies like plumbers have to go through on a daily basis. From a pair of dentures to dead raccoons and rodents, we’ve seen all kinds of pipe and drain blockage.

A variety of plumbing problems can spring up in any home at any time. Some of these predicaments are common while others are not. So we’ve put together eight simple things that could cause a plumbing problem in your home so you’ll know what to look for if it happens.

1. Pouring grease down the drain

Don’t pour grease down your sink. It’ll clog the pipes, and if you do it continuously, you can entirely obstruct the wastewater from flowing into your sewer lines. This could back up your sink and create a mess in your kitchen.


2. Flushing “flushable” wipes

This one is a no-brainer, right? Wrong! Most people assume that it’s natural to flush wipes down the toilet. After all, they are called “flushable” wipes. If you live in a home with an old sewer system, your toilet may not be able to handle these wipes.


3. Lack of knowledge

Get familiar with your property and get to know where to shut off the central water to your home. If a pipe or plumbing fixture starts to leak, turning off the water supply will save you a lot of money. This applies to your water heater also.


4. Deferred maintenance and inspections

Having your sewer line inspected regularly can save you from a plumbing nightmare. Many people don’t do this, and we can’t stress enough how important this is. Many sewer systems have never been inspected or repaired, and after some time, debris can cause these sewer lines to have nasty back-ups. Regular inspection can pinpoint areas of concern and help you avoid the cost of excavation repairs down the road.


5. Undetected leaks

Unexpected leaks happen all the time. However, you can detect a leak through your water bill. If you notice an unexplained increase in your monthly bill, it could mean that you have a water leak. Get a Gold Coast plumber to come out and have a look at your plumbing system. If the leak is in the wall, it could go undetected, but professionals know what to look out for.


6. Dental floss, hair, and other stringy stuff

Dental floss is one of the most common reasons for clogged bathroom drains. Floss and string are not biodegradable and cannot flush easily down the toilet. They form clumps and knots which can result in some significant drainage clogs.


7. Don’t dump kitty litter down the toilet

Don’t even think about it mate! Litter has silica, clay, and sand which can be very bad for any plumbing system. These substances absorb moisture and form clumps that can clog your pipes.


8. Fruit peels and rinds

If you don’t intend to test the limits of your garbage disposal, then avoid putting fruit peels and rinds down the drain. Fruit rinds don’t break down quickly, so our advice is this; if you can’t eat it, then don’t put it in the garbage disposal.


There is a long no-no list for the disposal. Some of the most common items are eggshells, toys, feminine products, cotton swabs and many more. Ignoring the warning signs of a plumbing problem can lead to more expensive or messy disasters. So call the experts at Ace Plumbers to fix any plumbing nightmare in your home or business.


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