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The best things in life come free. And so, do some bad things;
for example, tax, death, a clogged drain. They’re just going to happen, and you’ll have to deal with it.

Now for some more fact:

– Every drain can and will eventually clog

– Even if you do everything, it can still happen

And if you’re wondering why that is so, well, think about it. A drain that gets used frequently will need cleaning up, eventually. See, you use most of your pipes at least once a day. Then, there are some that you’ll be using more frequently, like the kitchen one or the bathroom one – maybe even more than ten times a day!

With that much use, it’s understandable why even the most careful and clean homeowners will eventually end up clogging one up. They could accidentally throw stuff down the drain that will pile up, such as grease, left-over food, coffee grounds, or tea leaves. And don’t get me started on the hair.

Drain clogs are inevitable. The only thing a responsible home-owner can do is deal with them as effectively as possible and take measures to avoid them in the future.
And the best way to do that? Hire a professional plumber to clear up your drain for you.

We’ll give you four reasons why:

1- Chemical drain cleaners will hurt your plumbing:

Those easy-fix chemical Drain cleaner? Such a helpful product, right? Not really.
We’ve said it before, we’ll repeat it, and any plumbing expert will agree as well: don’t use them.
The problem with those oh-so-convenient goods is that they kill the pipes. They can’t differentiate between the blockage and the lines and will eat away at both. In short, they will damage the pipes severely and give you a headache in the long term.
The more you use them, the more damage they will do to your house. If you use them frequently, they will cause the pipes to leak and eventually burst. As you can guess, repairing leaky and burst pipes will be more complex and costly. Pick your struggle.
Furthermore, a clogged pipe doesn’t always mean a clog. It could be something more complicated, and this blocked pipe is just a by-product of another problem, like water pressure issues in some other pipeline.
A plumber can recognise what the problem is and take care of the issue better.


2- Plungers won’t always cut it:

Now, what we do recommend using our plungers, but the thing is, they can’t always help you out.
Despite how effective they are in some cases, you can’t solve every hiccup with their help alone.
They’re great at solving the immediate issue. Yet, a plunger doesn’t even scratch the surface when it comes to the underlying problem. Though, plungers do help you tell if there’s a problem. For example, a frequently blocked kitchen sink, despite your best efforts with the plunger, indicates a bigger problem.
The said problem could be a clog that is too deep for the plunging to affect it. In that case, you need a professional’s auger or another expert plumbing tool. Those tools require expert training and skill for proper use, and a plumber is the said expert.
Or the problem could be even more profound. Adding on to the previous example, it could be a problem with water pressure. Or it could be in the sewer line, like a leaky or clogged up sewer pipe. Plumbers are the ones who can deal with that stuff.


3- They guarantee effectiveness:

When you contact a plumbing agency, they guarantee efficient work.
It is a plus for any home-owner since if the work doesn’t prove successful, you’re covered by the company guarantee. Otherwise, on your won, it will just cost you more time and money.
Moreover, a guarantee shows that the company is confident in its services. It also shows that they value every customer, ensuring their satisfaction and happiness.


4- They’re professionals; they’ll do better. It’s what they do!

The thing about professionals is that they have knowledge, training, skill, and expertise. In other words, they know plumbing inside-out, and they know what they’re doing.
They won’t just head over, clean up the drain or the immediate problem, and then leave. The technicians will do in-depth assessments of the plumbing system, locate the real issue and take care of it accordingly. Even if it is just a clogged pipe, it’s going to be a clean job. Swift and crisp, you won’t have to worry about dirty floors and smelly drains or sinks. You can be sure of that!
They can even recognise if a future problem is slowly building up. In such cases, they’ll do their best to nip it in the bud and warn you about it.
Furthermore, plumbers will usually leave on an informative note, give tips on avoiding future issues, and maybe even recommend a helpful product or two.

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