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Autumn. Relief from the summer heatwaves. The weather cools down; there are wind and rain. It’s also the time of the year when the trees start shedding their leaves, and it’s just so pretty and scenic. Not to mention, Autumn means jackets, but it’s not too cold that you decide to skip fashion for a warmer coat. It’s such a lovely time of the year all around – all except for the plumbing part.

As we said, there’s a lot of rain and a lot of wind. The leaves that fall often end up blocking the drains, particularly combined with the wind and all. Not to mention the cooler the temperature, the icier the water gets, and we all want the water heater cranked up a notch.
Especially if your new to home-owning and being responsible for the house’s well-being, there’s a bunch of things you might want to prepare for beforehand. So that when the season sets in, you will be ready for it.

Here are five tips for plumbing that will help you through Australian Autumns:


i- Check the Geyser:

Inspect the water heating system.
Prepare for the upcoming weather. We’d rather spend it taking long, cosy, hot water showers or baths rather than an icy wash every time you open a tap. A quick examination of the hot water is essential. The purpose is to confirm that everything is functioning smoothly, there are zero leaky pipes or valves, and all the hot water taps are running.
Furthermore, make sure that there’s no hiccup in igniting the heater.
If you haven’t had it checked out by a plumber in two or more years, have a plumber in to have it serviced as soon as possible. Having it inspected periodically will increase the machine’s longevity. Plus, it helps to ensure that you don’t go short on the hot water flow throughout the dwelling’s interior throughout the chilly months ahead.


ii- Fix the leaky taps and pipes:

Other than the water heating system, go ahead and inspect the exposed pipes in the house. Of course, the aim is to check all over the place for leaky, broken or damaged pipes, but since most of the plumbing is inside walls, the best you can do is check the one’s upfront. Inspect the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room, and wash space for a leaky faucet or channel.
Take a look at the pipes outside the house in particular and make sure none are leaking. The taps outside the home are frequently overlooked or neglected, so we don’t even realise that there is leaking. Those dripping taps are wasting a valuable resource – not to mention there adding to your water bill. Also, one should not ignore minor leakages; it’s usually an indication of a problem of some sort.


iii- Put away the backyard hose:

It is the perfect time to detach garden hose/s and store it in the shed for those with a yard. A garden hose is likely to have water still inside it, and leaving it out bare to the forces of nature may cause that water to freeze and expand. The result obviously is damaged, cracked, or outright broken garden hoses. So, save yourself a penny, and store the tube away in time.


iv- Check the gas heaters:

In some ways, this might be even more important than the water heater. We all like to cuddle in a cosy room on a cold night, and right before Autumn, you should get your gas heaters to make sure that you can. Have a plumber over to service them in advance of the icy winter months, particularly for those who haven’t done so in two years.
A well-kept heater will provide you with heat through the cold months for a long time. It’s also an added precaution to make sure there are no gas leakages, and we all know how dangerous those can be. A broken or malfunctioning gas heater can cause a massive problem for you, so it’s best to be careful.


v- Clear the storm drains:

Make sure that the storm-water draining arrangement is in top-notch condition. From the roof to the gutter, you got to make sure nothing obstructs the way.
Clear away any leaves or debris that may have accumulated there to make sure nothing causes a blockage. If many trees are dotting the property, you’ll need to keep doing to ensure zero obstructions.
A blocked sewer can cause the roof to leak, which could potentially cause a lot of damage to the house interior. Come Autumn season, with the winds, the leaves, and the rain, and it’s very likely to happen – and you don’t want to have to deal with it.
Moreover, remember to clean up the sewer and storm-water drains as well. You don’t want the yard to get flooded with rainwater or – even worse – sewer water. Not to mention, the water from the yard could also end inside the house (yikes!).

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