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Yes, they do repair the dishwasher.

Plumbers are experts at anything related to pipes, water and sewage lines. And, since dishwashers use water, we have a role to play to fix them. 

We all love just how easy dishwashers have made life—done with eating? Pick up the plate, rinse it off, and place it in the dishwasher. There is no need to throw left-over food on the dishes into a bag or the dustbin, scrub away at it, or dry it manually. We don’t even need to make the food rinse off the plate entirely either!

So, when it stops working, we all want to fix it as soon as possible. Sometimes, the problem is obvious, and sometimes, we can solve it on our own. But there are also occasions when we can’t tell what’s wrong or how to fix it, and it doesn’t help if there’s more than one issue.

Calling a plumber will do you a lot of good. Our technicians at Ace Plumbers know dishwashers are incredibly familiar with dishwashers; they can deal with any problem you are facing, no biggie. We made a list of the issues with dishwashers that you may have on your hands, and you might need to contact a plumber for:


i- Noisy:

You might think that a loud dishwasher may not be much of a problem, but as experts, we disagree.

You see, it’s not supposed to be noisy, and if it is, that is a sign that there’s an issue somewhere. It could be emanating from the drain line. Or it could be something as simple as a dishwasher that wasn’t appropriately attached to the kitchen floor or into the cabinet.

An improperly installed dishwasher is terrible news in the long run, and there are plenty of reasons why that is so. If you don’t already know why an improperly installed dishwasher is unacceptable, check out our page on “why you should you hire a plumber to install your dishwasher?”


ii- Leaky dishwashers

The possible reasons for leaking dishwashers are many and miscellaneous. Among them, it’s the most likely that it is one of the following ones:

  •  The Kitchen washbasin drain could be jammed. The water won’t have a way out, so it’ll cause too much pressure and find another way out – a leaky pipe.
  • A leak could have sprung up midway through the wash cycle – an overflow of water or a leaky pipe in there somewhere is at fault

The water supply pipe (ordinarily a flex pipe or copper tube) found beneath the dishwasher could be dripping and the reason behind all the water. While you may be able to fix a clogged sink, the other two require the skill and knowledge only a trained and licenced plumber can bring to the table.


iii- The door won’t latch:

The dish rack itself could be hanging out too much, stopping the door from closing. Or the hinge on the dishwasher door could be damaged somehow, or something could be blocking the door from properly latching on to the machine’s outer edge etc.


iv- Stinks a bit:

If your dishwasher has started to smell, and you have begun to have second thoughts before placing your dirty plates into it, we got news for you. The bad news is that it’s probably because of a piling up of food shreds in the french drain, which has begun to rot. The good news is that it’s easy to fix, and you could even do it on your own if you’re skilful and careful, but we’d still recommend you call in an expert.


v- Doesn’t dry dishes properly/at all:

Now, certain dishwashers are more dependable than others at drying up the plates, and there’s also the factor of age. Old ones may not work like they used to, but hey, at least they function!

The warning bell rings if you have to use a rag to dry them off. It could be the result of an abundance of dishes stacked, and they trapped water between them. Or something serious like the dishwasher’s inability to heat the water. You want to call in a plumber for that.

There are many other reasons why your dishwasher might not be working, and which can and should be fixed by a plumber:

  • The dishwasher won’t start
  • The dishwasher won’t turn off
  • It won’t load with water
  • The water overflows
  • It won’t use the washing powder or pods

If you face any of these problems, call Ace Plumbers for high-quality plumbing services in the Gold Coast area.

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